Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Watching the Uranium Index

Here are some of the stocks in my "proprietary" Uranium index which I find interesting.

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Currently 2nd place in my Uranium Index, Forsys Metals (TSX:FSY) is currently in a pullback. There is some resistance at the 7.0 level, so that makes it the level to watch.

Laramide Resources (TSX: LAM) is currently in a low volatility trading range. Watch for a break above 11, or break below 10.

UraMin Inc (TSX: UMN) is sitting right at resistance and is on the verge of breaking out. Watch volume and price-action as always.

Volume has picked up for UrAsia Energy (TSXV:UUU), and 6.25 is the level to watch. I picked up some today @5.97.

The chart of Paladin Resources (TSX:PDN) is so beautiful, that I didn't want to dirty it with my annotations. It is also on the verge of new 52-wk and ATH's. Will need to see volume to continue this current run-up. Can you believe that this used to be $1 ?? I picked up some today @8.40.

Denison Mines Corp. (TSX: DML) is on the verge of putting in higher lows, finishing off the ascending triangle formation. If anyone is betting against this happening, I'd like to hear your thoughts and rationale.

Even though I have not made any significant profits from trading Strateco Resources (TSXV: RSC), I will be watching to see if buy volume shows up at the 3.0 level. The price level is almost irrelevant for this junior uranium company; it's the volume that is the key here.

I have one word for Aurora Energy Resources (TSX: AXU): 15.55 !

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