Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday Update

Dear Trading Journal,

Please teach my mind how to short.

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I had entered a limit sell 400 EDU @40.27 into my trading acct. EDU was sitting @40.45, and had just posted an NR7 dummy bar. EDU proceeded to break below the dummy candle to 40.26. But during that whole time, I just sat there and did not click on the mouse button to execute my order. It broke down to below 40. That would have been a nice quick scalp for me. Please Trading Journal, let me know what it feels like to think short again, because I have forgotten that mindset.

UPDATE: long EXEL @10.28 (or 10.27? either one) and still holding. Took a small nibble on HMIN @46.32 and got stopped out @46.06.
Couple of uranium companies are looking good, will wait for the setup......

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