Friday, January 05, 2007

How to Catch the next STEM

Here's how I managed to catch the fast moving and elusive STEM yesterday.

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I was stalking STEM from back in Dec/06. I set the alert but it never got triggered. But I kept the alert around in my watchlist, because I knew STEM was very volatile in the past and had the potential to jump up in a hurry.
So the addendum to my routine would be that I not just keep alerts around in my watchlist, I accumulate them. My watchlist can get pretty big (right now it's at about 40 I think). Though I don't have any criteria for culling my watchlist down to a manageable size, any ticker without an alert is a pretty good candidate to get turfed.
Note that Dan Fitzpatrick, a technician that I respect, also talks about how to track many stocks at a time. His strategy is valid as well, except for the part about using email to alert you. I would rather stick to the alert feature from within my trading account, as sending email can take minutes to reach you. And in those precious minutes, many things can happen to the stock that you are trying to catch.

UPDATE: I actually have around 70 stocks in my watchlist. About 50 of them have alerts. I usually get at least one of them going off each day, so that keeps me from getting too bored.

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