Monday, February 05, 2007

Top 10 Posts of Phileo's Picture Windows

This post is intended to serve as a collection of articles from my Trading Journal that I believe will benefit you the most from reading them.
Just so you know, I will be updating this top10 list from time to time - some newer articles may deserve more attention, and some older articles may no longer need all that attention.

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1. Cataloging the High Probability Chart Patterns -
The intention here was to provide not just one single post, but a whole catalog of all the high probability chart patterns. There are other posts in the series which identify the other high probability chart patterns that I've found useful enough to trade off of. However, everyone seems to like the original post which kicked of the whole series the most.

2. The 8 Habits of the Highly Effective Trader -
I wrote this article to help identify the behaviour patterns that are keys to not success, but EFFECTIVENESS. The keys to success and the keys to effectiveness are interdependent, but my rationale is that working on the keys to effectiveness is more realistic and leads to success in trading.

3. Elements of A Good Swing -
I wrote this article to help give me the framework for further refining my swing trading. I feel that swing trading is an important part of my trading, so I have also included a whole series on it. This article actually forms a big part of my trading routine as well.

4. Personality Goes a Long Way -
Your personality and temperament affects your trading more than you think. I talk about that in this article.

5. How to Catch the Next STEM -
In this article, I talk about how to catch a winning swing trade.

6. Trading is Like the Grouse Grind -
In this article, I discuss the mental aspects of trading, and what makes it so challenging.

7. More Words To Trade By -
This article is a collection of trading quotes that I have found encouraging and/or inspiring. It also serves as a signpost for me.

8. When Forrest Gump Met Dummy -
This article talks about my approach to trading options, mostly based on the KISS principle. Someone mentioned to me that it looks like I am trading options as a proxy for the stock. That assessment is not incorrect. I have started to investigate the more advanced options plays like straddles and spreads.

9. My Biggest Trading Weakness -
In this article, I openly and honestly discuss what I think is my biggest weakness in trading, and what I am doing to address this problem.

10. Dave Landry vs. Phantom of the Pits -
In this article, I discuss two very contrasting styles of trading. They seem to be in direct conflict with each other, but once you think about it some more, there is no conflict. I have been incorporating elements of both styles of trading into my own style.

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