Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Got POT ?

Taking a closer look at Potash Corp. (NYSE:POT)

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The whole agribusiness sector is still looking healthy. Potash Corp. (NYSE:POT) is one boat amidst that rising tide which has caught my eye.
50d EMA is just under 77, so that is the level to watch for the next few days.
Based on the 15-min. chart (not shown here), 74 also looks to be a key support level to watch. A break above 87 would confirm the double bottom.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Top 5 Reasons why Google Chrome Sucks

Off topic, but I gotta get this rant off my chest.....

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Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) rushed out the release of its Chrome browser with much fanfare. But despite all that hype, Chrome still fails to live up to some basic expectations:

1. Unpolished Chrome UI:
There's a bunch of minor UI flaws which collectively produces a big annoying headache for the user:
Coarse granularity scrolling - it seems there are only 3 scroll positions with Chrome: Top, middle, bottom
Also the dropdown URL history in the address bar does not exist (see FireFox for comparison).
No download %complete status
5 mouse clicks to select a different default search engine, vs. 2 mouse clicks on FireFox.

2. Half assed job on supporting Flash:
Yahoo!Finance, which I'm told is flash-based, has the ability to push dynamically changing content to the user. Chrome does not. For example, in Yahoo!Finance, real-time quotes are pushed to the user automatically without having the user to press the refresh button. Not so with Chrome, where you have to pull the content by continually pressing the refresh button.

3. Still waiting for ability to extend browser:
Google has promised an API framework to develop extensions/add-ons like FireFox, and granted, it's been only 4 months since release, but FireFox came out on Day1 with the ability to develop your own extensions. And there's not even talk of a date when Chrome will support extensions.

4. Resource Hog
At best, Chrome uses about the same amount of RAM as FireFox. But as you open more tabs, Chrome hogs up more memory. How does this add more value than FireFox's tabbed browsing? While giving each tab its own process is a novel and interesting idea, much work needs to be done to make it an efficient idea.

5. Worse than FireFox.
For better or for worse, like it or hate it, Chrome is being compared with FireFox. And like it or not, Chrome just is nowhere near as good quality as FireFox. And if it is not at least as good as FireFox, what is the incentive to put up with all of Chrome's flaws ?

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sector Snapshots

There's always a bullish chart somewhere even in a secular bear market

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The uranium sector has taken quite a beating in 2008. But now, I think it is attempting a resurrection from the ashes.

I checked in on my uranium index, and it does look promising. And yes, this past year was brutal for uranium, despite a certain advocate that I know of who was pounding the table for uranium as a buy for all of 2008.

Another sector to watch for the next few months: Agriculture

Terra Nitrogen Company, LP (NYSE:TNH) has a juicy 10% dividend yield, and Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON) raised guidance for the coming quarter. What's not to like about the Agricultural sector?

A rising tide lifts all boats. 20d EMA is above the 50d EMA, and both are turning up. This is where I will be playing - probably in about a week or so.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

For the Love of the Game


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Despite it being the fresh start to a New Year, I know myself well enough to not make any New Year's resolutions.
I've been mildly struggling with a few personal issues, and wanted to record them here just so that I can organize my thoughts better.

First off, I thought this blog would die a peaceful oblivious death if I abandoned it, and forgot about it. But it refuses to die. There is a small, but steady stream of traffic to this blog. Alas, even in this corner of the Internet, I cannot run from accountability, and can't even hide behind namelessness anymore.

This blog also serves as a blunt reminder of the broken promises that I have made. I wrote before about how I wanted to develop my own ATS. Well, nothing in life is given to me for free, and when it came down to it, I didn't want it bad enough to put in the hard work and effort that was required to create a reasonably successful ATS. The interest and challenge of working on a system that would automatically make trades for me, appealing and intriguing as it sounded at the time, was not appealing enough to overcome the lack of affinity for yet another programming job. And that is the irony of this whole "thing" that I am currently facing: My primary vocation has been software programming, a vocation in which I am more than competent, but a vocation which is also gradually losing its appeal and lustre to me. The vocation in which I want to be good at is Trading for a Living. However, to become fully competent in this vocation, I am finding that it inevitably requires me to perform more software programming.
In other words, in order for me to pursue what I would love to do, I must also come to grips with doing what I find increasingly unappealing and uninteresting. Such is the journey in life, eh ?

Anyways, I have finally sold my house, and will be moving into a rental suite while I wait for Armageddon to fully infiltrate the housing market in my neck of the woods. Soon I will have my funds back available for trading again. A recent reply by TraderKenny prompted me to peruse past entries of this dusty old trading journal of mine, and i must saying, it was thrilling, enchanting, and exciting to relive those distant memories (even though it's been a mere 15 months ago). what can i say? Trading is still in my blood, I still thirst for it, I still love it, and I want to get back into the game. The rules have changed slightly this time around, with 2 kids and a wife to feed, but those are merely slight roadbumps that can be planned and worked around if the desire to get back in the game is great enough.

More to come......

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