Monday, February 12, 2007

Hansen Natural Corp.

I daytraded Hansen Natural Corp. (NASDAQ: HANS) today

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First trade of Hansen Natural Corp. (HANS) was a pullback setup with the bonus of a dummy bar. I was happy with how i nailed the entry. Execution of the exit was poor - I didn't work out a pre-determined price target in mind, and also lost my mental focus, and got scared out at the first sign of some big shares showing up at the ask. I even had a hunch that it was just part of the normal pullback. I got mad at myself for selling too soon and tried to scalp the pending break above 41. After that, I basically ignored for the rest of the day, even though it offered additional low-risk entries in the afternoon.
In retrospect, I should have opened two positions in HANS - one for daytrading, and the other position for an overnight swing, since HANS closed up near its HoD.

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