Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday's Trading Results

Pop quiz: You are stalking HANS, and an alert goes off, urgent like there's no tomorrow. What are you going to do?

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Ans: Laser focus is the path to success and effectiveness (profits come later).
I was stalking HANS, and my alert for FMCN went off. I decided to ignore that alert while I waited for the right price to fire off a bid on HANS. Bought HANS @40.28. I later found out that FMCN had a mini-breakout of its own (above 86.50), but only later do I find out that HANS was a slightly better deal, although FMCN looked pretty good. Later in the day, I got scared out of HANS at 41.12. You can't catch them all and you can't win them all, so I console myself with the thought that the market often offers second chances. Still room for improvement on the HANS trade for sure.

SVVS: I mentioned on Friday that I shorted it. Well, I covered today @45.31, then waited for it to drop below 45. Shorted @44.93, covered @44.73. SVVS would later drop some more, but I didn't care, I just wanted to get some practice in learning how to short.

Picked up some DNDN @4.57, PTT @9.64, RYYAY @97.71, @9.07, RSC@3.02. I now own the following components of my "Proprietary" Uranium Index:

Uranium, and HANS provided the bulk of my gains for today.

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Bubs said...

Great trade on HANS. I was able to catch some of it today to