Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ideas For The Week Of February 12, 2007

Market direction is unclear at best, but I did manage find a few interesting ideas for this week. Most of them are swing trading ideas, although you're more than welcome to daytrade them if you see enough volume to justify it.

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This chart basically says all the momentum has died off, so why am I picking it as an idea for the coming week? Because it also looks like it will test support @36.50 this week, and a successful test of support could mark a buying opp. (ie. buying at support, selling at resistance).

There is a possible play of the pullback pattern with CNQR. Watch for volume and higher lows this week.

GIGM is another play of the pullback pattern.

Gold. Uranium. 'Nuff said.

Low volume, but it's got the Mojo.

Too late for the initial breakout, but a couple of higher lows is the next best thing.

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