Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nightly Review

Adjust stops on my existing positions, and looking at a couple of ideas for tomorrow.

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AAPL - move stop up to 96 (hopefully it will be able to weather the wave of sellers from the news of the CSCO lawsuit).
BIDU - move stop up to 126
LIFC - stop adjusted to 24.78
LTXX - stop bumped up to 5.57
SPWR - stop move up to 39.95

Will be watching how Wi-Lan stock reacts to the quarterly report due out before market open.
Check out AlphaTrends for some interesting ideas, esp the Bird Flu stocks.


Bubs said...


When you make your posts how do you do it so when the user clicks it expands? Is it possible to do this using wordpress? I sometimes have very long posts and they take up to much of the page. Thanks


Phileo said...

Hi Bubs,

I am currently using a blogger hack to expand/collapse posts:

It is definitely possible to do this in WordPress - you may need a plugin to do it though. However, I have no expertise in WordPress. Check with Richard from