Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday's Results

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Bailed out of my AAPL calls on that gap down this morning, and it never recovered. I wanted to personally thank Mr. John Chambers for this AAPL event, but the first habit of an effective trader prevents me from doing so. Dang, why couldn't I have written that post AFTER I send some hate email to Mr. John Chambers ???

Did a "probe" of Wi-Lan, and lost a hundred bucks. Looks like it's sell the news of earnings. Will wait for the chart of to find a decent level of support before I jump back in.
Sold my BIDU calls for a nice profit.
Closed out SPWR for a nice profit. Of course, it had to bounce back up later in the afternoon, I wonder if it has enough follow through buying for a scalp tomorrow....
Closed out LTXX and LIFC for small profits.
Bought one ICE Feb130 Put @6.40 late in the afternoon.

Things went pretty slow in the afternoon. There's not much that looks interesting enough to buy right now, most of the momo leaders are in pullback mode. It does make me wonder how well my trading will perform in a bear market.
I'm also feeling an itchy throat coming on, which usually means a few days of a runny nose, headaches and general misery.......


Bubs said...

thanks for the link. Looks way to difficult for me to mess around with, maybe later. My readers will just have to suffer and scroll down to read all my posts.


Simply Options Trader said...

Take care and drink lotsa of water!