Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Who is Company XYZ?

I just finished reading up on some news about this company, so I imagined what a typical day would be like working for this certain company.
Can you guess what company this is ?

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I wake up, feeling a bit feverish, and not all too well. So, after putting on some clothes, gathering my clothes that need to be drycleaned, and getting my 3yr old daughter ready, we both head out and wait for the free shuttle bus service provided by my company. It comes at the scheduled 30-min. interval, and I hop on. The shuttle bus arrives first at the child care center provided by my company. I kiss my daughter goodbye for the day. When the shuttle bus arrives at my company building, I walk inside and drop off my drycleaning on the way towards the doctors office on the 3rd floor. Luckily, there is only 1 person ahead of me and the wait is tolerable. The doctor prescribes a couple doses of aspirin.
Since I am at work already, I may as well stay and get some work done. But first I grab a hearty company-paid breakfast at the cafeteria consisting of hash browns, scrambled eggs, sausage, and french toast, plus extra glasses of Orange juice (since I also have cold).
After breakfast, I feel comfortable enough to settle into my cube and get some work done. I periodically take a break by getting some additional cans of juice, pop, and muffins from the fridge nearby my cube. My Outlook reminds me that today is the day for my schedule dental checkup, also on the 3rd floor beside the doctor's office. So I head on up over there, and get my scheduled checkup and teeth cleaning done. But the teeth cleaning means that I cannot eat lunch at the regular noon hour time, so I while I wait the mandatory half hour, I go back to my desk and check up on my company shares (from my espp and stock options). I am glad to see that my company shares are climbing back to within 4.59% of its all time highs. That means a lot of R's for me. It's lunch time now, so I head down to the cafeteria for another company paid lunch - this time it is roast beef with scalloped potatoes, mixed steamed veggies on the side and a soft kaiser roll. That really hit the spot, I must remember to thank the chef. It's back to work, so I head back to my cube to do some more work. On my next break, I head towards the company gym to try and work off my fever. During the workout, I see that CNBC is on the monitor and immediately change the channel. After the brief workout, I go for a swim in the company swimming pool. Then I totally relax in the spa.

On the way back to my cube, a colleague of mine challenges me to a game of pool. I'm the kind of person who never backs down from a challenge, and this dude is just so uber-nerd, so we go to the company rec room and I hustle him for a few hundred bucks of profit. I evenutally return to my cube in time to answer a phone call from the HR dept. They have informed me that the friend that I referred to the company for a certain position was hired, so I will be getting a referral bonus. Sweet! After some celebration, I get some more work done, but not before my Outlook tells me that it is time to attend some company meeting where they will introduce the new Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Incentive program for all employees.
Tonight I will need to leave early from work in order to go and attend my company paid academic course titled, "How to DayTrade Your Way to Financial Feedom." But all it talks about is a bunch of "R" this and "R" that, so naturally I get bored with this course - luckily it's not coming out of my pocket !
All in a day's work.


Simply Options Trader said...

Its GOOGLE! I saw the video clip, wowee, indeed a corporate campus and uni playground :)

Phileo said...

Correct! Fortune just named them as the best company to work for in 2007. I was reading their spotlight on Google as the best company to work for - pretty impressive.