Friday, October 05, 2007

Trading Results for Friday


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Traded ES and lost 1point. I went long @1560.5 around 705am(PST), but exited just before the market made its run-up an hour later. Even though I held this for over 30 minutes, I would have to say that I exited mostly due to a lack of patience again, as I didn't want to wait to see whether price would come back to my entry point. ES was very slow and range bound at two different times today. I will have to start using alerts again so I won't be bored to death watching the market.
Traded Cable and lost 10ticks, as I did not wait for confirmation before entering my trades.
Wheat was pretty choppy, and I forgot to refer to the hourly chart for overall trend. Wound up breakeven.

It felt like another wasted effort today. I'm tired. Going to get some rest.


Banker said...

Just found the site and will keep track. Good Luck.

Phileo said...

Hi Banker,

Thanks, and thanks also for visiting!