Saturday, March 31, 2007

Uranium Index, Week 11

There might be a pause next week, but trend is still up.

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The All Time Highs (ATH) for my uranium index is 26,529.74. ATH's typically act as a resistance level, and if I had to guess as to the reason why, it might be because there's also the potential for a double topping pattern to occur. So, there might be a bit of a pause as my uranium index approaches the ATH's. But eventually it will power on through, though I do not know when that will happen, or whether there might be another dip before that happens. You could buy now (higher risk, higher reward), or wait until it breaks above resistance before buying (lower risk, lower reward). My personal opinion is that lower risk is better than higher reward, but that's just me.
By the way, the 24100 level will now act as a support level for the index.

The merger completion date (April 13/07) between UrAsia (UUU) and SXR Uranium One (SXR) is fast approaching. My new list of candidates (to replace UUU) is as follows:

BaysWater Uranium (BAY.v)
Energy Fuels (
U3O8 Corp. (UWE.v)

Index Value: 25,826.16
Best Performers: LAM, MGA
Worst Performers: FSY, WNP

Index Performance:

Week 11:            +4.16%
Since Inception: +29.10%

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