Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last Minute Buying in Uranium Stocks

There were a lot of last minute buying in many of the components of the uranium index that I was watching.

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Not sure why the buyers decide to buy these stocks at the last minute, but I did find it curious that it happened to more than a couple of the ones that I was watching. Perhaps it was the same buyer ?

I didn't buy Paladin Resources (PDN), even though there was a surge of buyers showing up in the last 5minutes.

Bought Mega Uranium (MGA) @6.42, stop@6.30

Bought JNR Resources (JNN) @4.02, stop @3.90

Bought BaysWater Uranium (BAY) @2.02, stop @1.94

Also bought UraMin (UMN) @6.05 (stop @6), but it did not show any last minute buying

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