Thursday, March 29, 2007

SnP e-Mini Futures Trade

"Co-ordinate what you see with what you know....." - Dr. Brett Steenbarger
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CORRECTION: I am a wimp.

While the OMNI keeps hitting for 10pts at a time, I am scalping for a couple ticks here, and a few ticks there. For some reason, I have lost the capacity to hold on to a winning trade. Several times this morning I had the opportunity to hold on to a winning trade and let it ride. (@1437.75, 1436.75, 1434.50, 1433.50). On all occasions, I end up being scared out of my position by some noise. I wind up scalping noise, and get stopped out by the same noise.
My broker must be absolutely ecstatic to have a tick hunter like me.
This is starting to get annoying and frustrating.

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