Saturday, February 24, 2007

Uranium Index, Week 6

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The main driver of the run-up this week was the spot price of Uranium jumping up +$10/lb.
Another indicator of the strength of this sector: every component of my "proprietary" index is in the green now. The big laggard was Cameco, but this week, it pushed back into positive after being red for 5 weeks. This is the 6th consecutive week that the index closed up for the week (6 white candles in a row).
Sure, the whole sector is overbought, and nothing can go up forever, but those facts certainly have not prevented the whole sector from remaining irrational longer than you expect. There's no way I would bet on the index going down any time soon (I need to see it actually do that first), but it is starting to get a bit scary to continue to make bets that it will continue to rise.

Index Value: 26,529.74
Best Performers: LAM, UEX, EMC
Worst Performers: WNP, KRI


Week 6:           +6.47%
Since Inception: +32.65%

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