Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday's Trading Results

Another frustrating end to the week.....

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I did not get enough sleep yesterday, so by the time market opened, I felt tired and in need of some rest. Unfortunately, I decided to "work" despite my body telling me to rest.
Consequently, I did not follow my usual routine of updating all of my alerts on my watchlist, and keeping myself busy (with blogging, reading, surfing, plus some researching on the side). I half-heartedly looked around for some setups, and when I could find none, I tried to trade STP and GIGM out of boredom, and of course, lost money because of that. I shorted JADE twice for +0.15 net profit, then decided not to touch it for the rest of the day, wish I could think that way with the rest of my trading (JADE short was actually my lone bright spot in today's lousy trading, will post a chart later). I had only one alert go off for the whole day, and that was CTSH @94.75. (well, EBAY @34 fired off a second alert, but by then I had decided to stop "working"). CTSH looked as tired as I was, and volume was not great, but what the heck, I took the trade anyways. Lost $0.14 on that.
I'm glad today's session is over. I need some rest and then regroup. Currently holding: @15.25 (avg cost) @21.19 @9.28

Chart review will have to wait until after I get some much needed sleep. Will need to add another rule to my list of trading rules (no boredom trading).

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