Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ideas For The Week Of February 5, 2007

At the very least I can say the idea for MPEL came from TradingGoddess, not sure where the other ideas came from.....

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If the MPEL buyers show up @19.1, you can bet that they will head for the exits @21.5

It looks like it is too late to join the ZICA party (there was a great dummy entry this past Thurs), although breaking above 2.60 could change that opinion in a hurry.

Zoll closed above the 20d on Friday. It has the makings of a great pullback pattern. Any close above 66 with decent volume confirms, although there are potential opportunities to front run the 66 number, depending on volume and price-action.


TradingGoddess said...

I guess I am not clear on what your "idea" is for MPEL...

Would you mind clarifying for me?

I did suggest to buy MPEL on the next dip. What are your expectations for this stock?

Thank you in advance for your opinion.


Phileo said...

Hi T'Goddess,

I have no clue what MPEL will do, and no expectations for this stock.

The idea I have for MPEL is to watch what it will do at the 19.1-ish level. I do have a picture of the scenario in which I would buy MPEL, and if MPEL starts conforming to that scenario, then I will buy.

The hypothetical scenario, or "idea", is that MPEL will somehow drop down to 19.1-ish, and then be met by a whole bunch of buyers who push it back up. In this kind of a scenario, the chart is saying "I refuse to go down below 19! "

TradingGoddess said...

O.K. Those were my "thoughts" as to what the stock was going to do as well.


Good luck!