Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday's Trading Results

Uranium to the rescue

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I tried two scalps of GROW, one win and one loss, overall loss of $0.20/share.
Then I tried to play the EBAY breakout above 34, and lost $0.16 there.
After that, two of my uranium stocks that I have on my watchlist had alerts that went off. I picked them up and am currently sitting on a good profit which more than compensated for my earlier trades.

With the exception of (AUY on AMEX), which I am still holding, I exited all of my existing positions at a profit today.

Holding: @16.32 @14.31 @8.48 @5.16

Now at least I understand why all the uranium stocks in my index have been running up - they are being accumulated in preparation for the IPO of a new Uranium ETF which (I think) will trade on the TSX. I will sure miss this uranium party when it ends.

I don't think I overtraded today, as I stuck to my mini-plan which I discussed yesterday. I resisted chasing CTSH, NSIT and RTI today, and the urge to trade to alleviate boredom. Now the challenge is to do this all over again tomorrow.

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