Monday, January 15, 2007

Uranium Index

I am creating the world's second ever uranium index.

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There's a newsletter which claims to be regularly maintaining the world's first ever uranium index. Well, then let me be the one to maintain the world's SECOND ever uranium index. My uranium index will be a tracking portfolio consisting of the following criteria:

1. Must be a pure play in uranium exploration, mining or production.
2. MarketCap must be greater than $200Million
3. Must trade on the TSX or the TSX Venture (don't want the hassle of working out forex in the index. Someone else is more than welcome to start an Australian or American Index ! ).
4. It will be an equal weight index, so a Strateco will the exact same influence on the index value as a Cameco.

The index will start out with the following companies:
1. Cameco
2. Aurora Energy
3. Denison Mines
4. Energy Metals
5. Forsys Metals
6. Laramide Resources
7. Mega Uranium
8. Strateco Resources
9. Ur Energy
10. UrAsia Energy
11. Uranium Participation
12. CrossHair Exploration
13. Paladin Resources
14. Strathmore Minerals
15. UEX Corp.
16. SXR Uranium One
17. Western Prospector Group

Initial value of the index is 17000. I picked a random start date of January 11, 2007 for the Uranium index. It is currently up +3.4% already, I will post a chart of the index periodically. For you American folks, Energy Metals and Cameco are dual listed on the NYSE. Fronteer Development group (which I have traded in the past) is also considered a play in uranium. However, they are not included into my custom, proprietary Uranium index because they have too many gold properties to be considered a pure play in Uranium.

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