Monday, January 15, 2007

Who is the top Stock Trading Blog?

The answer may surprise you.

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I randomly selected 10 stock trading blogs and took a look at their value based on three different references.

It would seem to me that one could make an argument that the most valuable blog belongs to ChairMan Mao, not Trader Mike. In other words, if Chairman Mao added a couple of tweaks and then tried to monetize his blog, there's a real good chance that he could derive more blog revenue than Trader Mike. And based on the above table, there's also couple of other interesting surprises:

1. Achieving the most hits (ie. highest Page Strength) does not automatically translate into a more valuable blog. I think page hits is the most important criteria, but there's a few other criteria that matters as well.

2. Domain name matters more than you think when determining a blog's valuation. KISS principle applies here. That big hyphen in my blog's name probably cost me a few points in value - lesson learned.

3. There's not many non-corporate stock blogs out there that rank high in monetary value. In other words, there are tons of tech gadget blogs, news blogs, political blogs, and even finance blogs, but how many stock trading blogs of the same calibre as tradeMike and Chairman Mao (in terms of traffic AND value) are out there? I think I have listed all the high traffic ones here.

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