Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Morning Update

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Well, I feel well enough to write, but not alert enough to update my watchlist, so I'm pretty much taking it easy unless something really compelling comes along. But with the market pulling back right now, I can't see how anything compelling will come to me.
AMD puts are a possibility, but I will need to pull up a chart first to see what the chart is saying.

Anyways, I had the right idea with buying ICE puts yesterday, but again, I sold too soon @7.0, leaving $0.80 on the table just a few minutes ago. Aaaarrrgh, I hate it when I do that. It's like saying "No, thanks, I don't want that brand new, crisp $50 bill, I'd much rather take this old and dilapidated $20." Profits are hard enough to come by as it is, is it so hard to pull up a chart and listen to what the chart is telling me ???

Anyways, I've got some Canadian miners (UrAsia (UUU.v), HudBay Minerals ( and Blue Pearl Mining ( simmering on the stove, they look like they might drift upwards, so I am holding them for now.

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