Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ideas for the Week of Jan 29, 2007

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NBIX - one of the guys in the MSN Strategy Lab, Thomas Ko has issued a buy rec for this small biotech company. His last pick, MOBE, made a big pop when he announced it on Jan 11/07. I think it will gap up and then sell off for the rest of the week, but who knows.

FRG - if uranium buyers repeat the pattern of the past two weeks, this coming week should see at least one day where all uranium stocks go into a buying panic, and the rest of the time just going sideways. Plus with gold on the verge of a breakout, FRG should get plenty of "juice" to get it going.

CRVL - this was tradingGodess's favorite. I've mentioned it before, but it hasn't done much. This week may be different, so watch the 45 level.

KNOT - printed an inside day on Friday, and also printed an inside week last week. Chart looks good, look for resumption of uptrend this week.

AUY - This one will really depend on how gold will preform this week. If the gold rally shows visible signs of starting this week, then we will see new ATH's in AUY. Otherwise, step away from the mouse.

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TradingGoddess said...

I am long CRVL, KNOT and AUY. CRVL got momo'd and I think everyone is out. Now that stock can trade on its own. I look forward to ER and holding through.

Happy trading!

P.S. GOOG is my favorite. My stock pick of the year over at MadStocks.

Gooooo GOOG! Goooo!

(holding that one through earnings as well, btw.)


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