Friday, January 12, 2007

Free Real Time quotes on Google Finance

I just found out from TraderMike's links that Google Finance will be soon be offering free real-time quotes on all stocks from NYSE.

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This is very significant for Google. It means that they are fully aware that they do not have the lead in the finance portal arena, but have every intention to wrestle the lead away from Yahoo!Finance.
I don't really use either finance portals too much except for when I want to dig up some news behind a stock price's movements. However, I have been using Google Finance a bit more lately to look up what the blogs have to say about a certain stock that I am watching. I think that's a very nice Web2.0 feature to provide. And once
the free real-time quotes are in place at Google Finance, I can definitely see myself using it more often.
A couple features that I would like to see on Google Finance include:

1. Ability to move page elements around much like how it's being done in the new Blogger.
2. Ability to customize my Google Finance home page. For instance, I don't really care for the 10yr bond quotes and would like to be able to replace that with a quote of the TSX Composite index.
3. Link to the other Google services (Docs & SpreadSheets, Blogger, web search) so that I can move back and forth between the services easily. This would be similar to the link bar at the top left corner of GMail (once you are logged in).
4. Ability to add widgets to my Google Finance home page.

Anyways, Yahoo!Finance had better start doing something about this or they will soon lose their lead in the finance arena as well.

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