Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday's Results

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Bought AAPL Feb100 Calls @3.1 (stop loss on break below 15min OR bar)
Bought BIDU Feb130 calls @6.2 (stop loss on a break below 125)
Bought LIFC @25.03 (initial stop @24.80)
Bought LTXX @5.63 (initial stop @5.51)
Bought SPWR @39.29 (initial stop @39.1)

AAPL calls were poorly executed. I did not wait for the OR pullback to complete, and jumped in a bit early. Wasn't practicing patience in that particular trade, that's for sure.
Not really sure why I hesitated with ICE Feb130 calls - I'm reasonably confident that tomorrow will see some follow thru buying in ICE.

I am glad that I was looking at the right charts today, ie. the ones that were setting up nicely and had bullish strength. I will review charts of all 5 positions tonight and see where the stops should be adjusted.

Markets overall are looking a bit precarious at this point. I still have a bearish bias in my head, but so long as I am in the right charts (ie. ones that have plenty of buyers), and abide by what the
individual charts are saying, then it won't matter (not too much anyways).


Bubs said...

I also missed ICE and SPWR. I was busy watching aapl and bidu all day.

Phileo said...

Hi bubs,

Yeah, I think I lost my focus by 12pm EST. Either that or I was just too scared that I would be entering precisely at the top.
Great job on your trading: +725! That's awesome!