Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday's Review

Today I got back into the habit of setting my alerts, and doing something else to keep busy while I waited for the alerts to go off. This has worked for me well in the past, and I see no reason to change this part of my routine.
I didn't really notice any distinction between the morning and afternoon session today, nor did I try to force any trades to happen in the afternoon session. I also didn't notice any noon-ish pullback.
I did get the sense that I may have been overtrading again today, but I saw very few trades go against me, and most of the positions that I had were working out well. I saw no reason to stop trading just because I ***thought*** I was overtrading. I did not revenge trade today, but it was probably more because the market did not present an opportunity for me to revenge trade. It was as if the market was being generous to me today.
All in all, I felt good about how I handled today's trading. I suppose getting back into profitable performance has a lot to do with that.......

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