Monday, December 11, 2006

Just Another Magnanimous Monday

"When you ain't got no money, you gotta get an attitude."
-Richard Pryor (1940-2005).

I woke up late, after market opened, but as soon as I got to my senses, I got busy immediately and made many trades today. I will post charts of the interesting ones. First up is NRPH:
NRPH was one of two HCPG newsletter picks that I traded today. NRPH showed all the signs of a U-Turn reversal pattern. However, there was no sustained volume to push it above the resistance @58, hence the failure and drop back down. It would have been a good daytrade nonetheless if one was alert enough to get in on the break above 56.50 - good for at least a buck scalp.
Next up is Vonage:
I found VG from some Yahoo! Finance blurb about the growth of VoIP . The daily chart looked good, so I decided to enter a position when it broke above 7.17. There was an attempt to flush out some stops in the afternoon session, but there was no volume selling behind that move, so I stayed in. Unfortunately, today's gap up never filled, so I will need to tighten my stops. For tomorrow, I am looking for VG to stay above 7.25 on some decent volume (something like what we saw today would be nice), otherwise I will consider selling.

Next trade was GROW:
I've traded in and out of GROW as it ran its way up to a double in the past two months. I'm not even sure how long GROW will allow me to stay in it, my stop is still at 59.75, and even that is up for debate.
Not long after this, I bought some RIMM Puts @5.2. I will post a chart as soon as I close out my puts position.
My last trade for today was Ctrip: was another HCPG newsletter pick. It kept going up and up, so I decided to keep it for a swing trade.
At this point, the following happened to me:
I ran out of capital to buy additional positions !! So, I missed out on these great buys:

Unlike NRPH, the U-Turn Reversal in OMTR succeeded because there was volume to push past resistance @13.61. It did get a bit choppy in the last half hour of the afternoon session, but it still managed to close less than half of an ATR away from the HoD.
The other one that was in my scans was BRLC:
It was hard to watch BRLC leave the station without me.......

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