Monday, December 11, 2006

Income Producing Assets

Earn a dividend yield 8% or more with these companies :

Southern Peru Copper (PCU): Yield=9.8%, IBD Rating = 98, MSN StockScouter Rating=9
MGC Capital (MCGC): Yield =8.3%, IBD Rating = 91, MSN StockScouter Rating=8
American Capital Strategies (ACAS): Yield = 7.8%, IBD Rating = 97, MSN StockScouter Rating=8
Capital Source (CSE): Yield=7.8%, IBD Rating = 92, MSN StockScouter Rating=8

The charts on all 4 of these stocks look pretty good as well. They all have the potential to provide a stream of passive income for those who purchase these stocks.

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