Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ideas for the Week of Dec 17, 2006

Trading might be a bit lighter this week as the traders, brokers and institutions wind down for the holiday break. This means the possibility of lighter volumes, which typically means increased swings - up or down. In addition to the typical selections from the HCP newsletter, watchlist from, Alan Farley's website, here are some additional ideas that I will be watching this week.......

spwr - the big run on this midCap was made back in Oct. and Nov. Not sure if it has another run in its tank, but the 40 level is the one to watch.

dlia - this is a smallCap with a well defined resistance level @ 11.55.

epix - possible U-Turn reversal if it can break above 7.5. As always, volume needs to show up.

The remaining ideas are microCaps trading on the TSX or the TSX venture.

qvc.v - light volumed microcap, drifting upwards.

sxc .to - good chart, possible continuation move if it can stay above 23 - possible U-Turn reversal, $1.60 is the level to watch - possible continuation move, $4.00 is the level to watch.
ntb.v - rumoured to be an acquisition target, possible pullback pattern play - microCap gold, selling and distribution from sellers who wanted to cash in on their recent IPO has ended, looks like it is entering accumulation phase. Not really correlated with the movement of gold prices, which is interesting in itself.

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