Saturday, December 16, 2006

More internet intermission

My broker does not provide access on the weekends to my account transactions , so I will not be able to provide updates of my options trades until Monday.
In the meantime, I have collected some interesting stuff off the internet. Enjoy.

This picture of the US Dollar says it all.

Ugly's ATS has evolved from a life of servitude to a life of lordship - it is now hiring humans. For those interested in having a computer become your employer, please apply within.

If you are actively hacking an MS Vista virus, or considering to do so, at least get paid for your efforts.

One could waste most of the whole day looking at these cool pics.

On the more serious side, here are some resume tips that I will be using in my job search. I've got another interview next week, so my postings might be more sporadic.



Simply Options Trader said...

Good luck for your job interview!

Phileo said...

Thanks again!