Monday, September 18, 2006


There were too many trades to post charts on, so I will post just the summary:

entered RIM@96.16, stop@95.9, exited @96.26
shorted RIM@94. 02, stop@94.14, covered@94.14
exited ATVI@14.02, loss of $56
exited ZOLT@26.18, profit of $12
entered MVL@23.77, stop@23.24
entered bebe@23.59, stop@23.39
entered BW@27.3, stop@26.49
entered GROW@33.69, stop@33

I don't see any obvious errors that I made today, except maybe for the fact that I overtraded.
I did enter stop losses for the first rim trade, but then I found that I got too wrapped up in watching my watchlist, so I wound up not entering the stop losses for the other trades. I wonder if having a 3rd monitor might help me.....

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