Thursday, July 08, 2010

Results for Thursday, July 8, 2010

1W 1L, +1.25pts
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My system generated 5 signals today (1 was discretionary, outside of the system), but I only took 2 trades:

S1064.5 stop1066.4 T1=1062.5

I passed on this trade, as it was right near the open

S1067 stop1069 T1=1065
I front ran my signal, and entered short too soon at 1066, and got stopped out 1067.5

lost -1.5pts

S1063.25 stop1065.25, T1=1061
I executed and managed this trade much better, exited 1060.5
+2.75 pts.

At this point, I stopped taking any more signals from my system and was done for the day as I had other things to attend to.

L1057.75 stop1055.75, T1=1059.75

L1055.75, stop 1053.75, T1=1057.75

L1055.5, stop 1053.5, T1=1058

Still need to work on following my system better, and not try to out guess or front run the signals. But overall, an improvement over yesterday, as I was patient enough not to take any boredom trades while I waited for a signal from my system.

Key is to be patient, as it always was the key, and always will be the key.

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