Wednesday, July 07, 2010

results for July 7, 2010

2W, 2L, -2.5pts

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Trade1: L1028, stop1027, T1=1031
exited (too soon) at 1028.75

Trade2: S1035, stop 1037, T1=1033
passed, did not take trade

Trade3: S1039.5, stop1041.5, T1=1037.5
stopped out
This trade would have worked and target was realistic (above the 1036 support), but I needed a bigger stop because it was counter trend.

Trade4: L1038.75, stop 1036.75, T1=1041.75
did not take trade

Trade5(discretionary): L1040, stop 1038, T1=1042
exited 1041

Trade6: S1044.75, stop 1046.75, T1=1043.5
did not take trade

Trade7: S1050, stop 1052, T1=1049
did not take trade

disappointing today.
After getting stopped out, I stopped following my system. Eventually, I tried to fade the trend day, and wound up losing 2pts overall on the day.

Today's lesson is simple:
Follow the system!

Had I followed the system, I would not have lost 2pts.

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