Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday's Trading Results

Waiting is a good thing. Difficult, but good.

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Today, I was laying low and not very active (at least I perceived myself to be not very active) while I waited for my account to be fully funded.
Rambust I already talked about. There were some others that ran up today which I was watching - GROW, CTRP, and HRS. All three of these stocks illustrate the pain of chasing run-ups.
I hate missing out on a run-up.
I hate chasing run-ups.
But I am learning to hate the pain of being a bagholder above all else. Therefore, I did not chase today, and tried to keep busy with other things. All that hate is building up a bunch of negative energy inside me as well, so I will need to work on ways to channel more positive energy into my mind. A friend of mine keeps bugging me to buy a ping pong table so that I can challenge him to a game. We'll see.

Bought HOKU @5.35 in the afternoon.
Bought SIRF @30.57 in the afternoon.

Bought Wi-Lan ( @6.32 in the morning, and @6.43 in the afternoon. Will post Wi-Lan chart for sure when it is closed (there was an interesting first-thrust and pullback intraday today), the others I will post as time permits.

Still holding onto ACN, OMRI, and RSC.v. Most of today's gains came from the NMX options trade, SIRF, and Wi-Lan (

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