Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Uranium Chart Review

Time to take another closer look at the market that no one knows about.....

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A lot of uranium stocks are popping up today, so it is prudent to find the more interesting plays. I actually put together the charts on the weekend, but they are all still valid, imagine that.

As mentioned yesterday, I keep track of my own custom Uranium Index, and a break above 18000 in my Uranium index would confirm a double bottom and also that the buyers are taking control.

Strateco Resources Inc. (TSE:RSC) -

Strathmore Minerals Corp. (CVE:STM) - bought some @2.26 yesterday near the close

UEX Corporation (TSE:UEX) - bought some this morning @7.36

Uranium One, Inc. (TSE:UUU)

Paladin Energy Ltd. (TSE:PDN)

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