Monday, January 14, 2008

Trade Updates

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I got stopped out of SEED today @9.7 for a profit of just over 3.5%.

I was actually watching SEED during the last hour of trading, and as it dropped and dropped, I became more and more undecided and unsure of what to do - sell it before it took out my stop, or keep my stop in place and let the trade play itself out?
I had a stop level in place, and even a profit target objective for seed all planned out ahead of time, but unfortunately, my plan did not account a for a 20% drop in this microcap stock.
Now I look back at all that money I left on the table (over $2/share, yikes!) and wonder what I could have done differently. As a result of this SEED trade, I'm going to have to make a new rule, which is that if current price is more than a certain percentage below the current HoD after gapping up to open, then exit position, no questions asked. In SEED's case, the percentage threshold is 8%. The 8% sounds a bit arbitrary and will vary from stock to stock., but what my intention here is to attempt to quantify the price level at which there is too much technical damage done to the stock, and that the (intraday) sentiment has changed.

Anyways, on a more brighter note, yesterday I provided some trade numbers for some potential swing trades. Today, over half of them triggered, and I decided to play LNN. I got the idea for the LNN from Ugly. The reason I chose to trade LNN instead of the others is because it seemed to me to be the best behaved of the bunch that I highlighted.

My stop was originally at 66, but I have decided to move it up to 69.5. My exit plan is as follows:
1. Exit if current price is over 5% below the current HoD after gapping up to open.
2. Price stays below the manually drawn uptrendline for more than 30min.

Current watchlist: VIP, SDTH, MGPI, PEIX, PVX, RBCN

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