Monday, April 02, 2007

SnP e-Mini Futures Trade

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Trade 1:
Risk = 1.0pts
Gain = 4.25pts

Trade 2:
Risk = 1.0pt
Gain = -1.25pts

Today, the ES behaved very predictably. There was a reversal just after 7am (PST), and a second reversal after 11am. I was not focused enough to act upon the second reversal.

OMNI was right on the direction, but wrong with the specific entry/exit points. IMO, the Bulls have (for the time being) successfully defended the FOMC breakout (from last last week) with the two higher intraday lows today. However, that in no way implies a rally of any sort, since resistance @1437 - 1439 didn't even get tested today.

Dr. Brett Steenbarger dissected today's morning session in ES here. I realized a few minutes too late that when I sold at 1428.25, it was actually the time to go long. I'm still in the process of training myself to recognize the 4 TICK patterns quickly enough to act upon them.

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