Saturday, March 03, 2007

Uranium Index, Week 7

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Two week's worth of gains wiped out by this week's carnage.
And to make matters worse, I don't think the bottom is in yet either. There's some serious technical damage here that will take months to repair itself.
There were no best performers for this week, it was more like the least worst performer.
First order of business is to see how the U3O8 spot price will be affected by this correction.

Uptrends intact (for now): FSY, UUU, U, DML, EMC, JNN, LAM, RSC, UEX, SXR.
That means that half of the index is broken.

Index Value: 22,505.75
Best Performers: FSY, UUU
Worst Performers:


Week 7 :          -9.67%
Since inception: +12.53%


Richard said...

I had a feeling uranium would be taking a hit, since I started getting unsolicited flyers in the mail about how urianium stocks were on fire. Not email, but postal mail. That's pretty rare for me.

Phileo said...

LOL, sounds like you found a new indicator, but didn't let the rest of us know !