Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Morning update

Uranium, commodities and indices

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Futures were more calm this morning, not like the chaotic frenzy that characterized last week's action. I traded ZGJ7 and ESM7 today, charts to follow. Still need to figure out how to incorporate TICK into my trading.
Because ZG is acting well, then it follows that the gold stocks are acting well also. I went back to my perennial favorite, AUY. Chart as time permits
Uranium stocks are acting well, I may try one or two small positions to act as my "barometer."

UPDATE: I bought a small position in MGA @5.90, and am holding it overnight. I've set my alerts on most of the components in my uranium index. If the whole sector moves later this week, many of my alerts will go off, at which time I will provide an update in this trading journal at my earliest convenience.

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