Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Morning update

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Caught DECK @68.05, but missed out on BRCD.
Eating my own dogfood, and it doesn't taste that bad, did anyone else catch these two stocks ?

9am(PST) UPDATE: I've been scalping RIMM and AUY most of this morning, and being patient and waiting for the right setup to come to me has helped me to make good trading decisions. SSRI also had some potential short setups, but the volume wasn't enough for me to feel comfortable shorting it.

1015a: Trying to look for some low risk short candidates during this early afternoon drop, but not having much luck finding any decent entry spots. It's actually hard to gauge the market sentiment right now, which means it's better (for me) to sit some more on the sidelines until some clarity shows up.

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