Tuesday, March 27, 2007

IPO: Uranium Focused Energy Fund

Forgot to keep track of this one, and now it's trading already.

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The Uranium ETF, which is sponsored by Middlefield Capital, debuted on March 16, 2007, at around 9.86 per share. The ticker symbol is TSX: UF.UN. Today it closed at $10 even per share. Glad I didn't sign up for the IPO shares However, since it pays a 5% yield, I am wondering if I should pick up some for my retirement account..... hmmm....


Roy said...

I have shares in CCJ one of the biggest players in Uranium. Check out the news on the industry below.

I want more Uranium and UFEF may be a way to god way to get a play on this sector.

Phileo said...

Hi Roy,

Yeah, CCJ is the biggest player, but not the only player. Some other American uranium companies you may want to check out include:
URZ, URRE, FRG, and EMU. I think DML is applying for a listing on the AMEX exchange as well.