Friday, February 09, 2007

Uranium Index, Week 4

I once learned from a wise trader that there is always a bull market somewhere out there.....

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The uranium sector is probably one of the very few sectors that unite the fudamental analysis guys with the technical analysis guys. Everyone agrees that the outlook (both from a fundamentals view and a technicals view) is bullish for the uranium companies. This was the first week that there was no panic buying. However, this is now the fourth week in a row that the index closed up for the week. If you can imagine a weekly candlestick chart, you would see four consecutive white candles. I looked for any technical signs that the individual components of my index might be oversold, but could find none. Nothing begets more momentum like momentum. Pretty sweet.
In only 1 months time, my "proprietary" uranium index is starting to outperform what my retirement account has done for the past 12 months. Crikey, I'm gonna have to do something about that......

Index Value: 20,549.35
Best Performers: UUU, UMN
Worst Performers: CXX, UEX


Week 4: +2.78%
Since inception: +14.20%

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