Monday, February 19, 2007

Chart Review

Will be learning how to manage my "portfolio."

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OMG: stop @50.98.

JNN.v: Closed at its ATH, looking for the third white soldier. Stop@3.71

RSC.v: After consolidating for over a month on low volume, it finally broke out on Thursday. I caught it on friday, and today it printed the third white soldier. Usually this means buyers are exhausted and more consolidation occurs before the next move up. Stop @3.52. Paladin gapped up yet again, so their is a risk of the gap filling, especially given the below average volume today. However, it has demonstrated in the past of leaving gaps unfilled. Stop @9.30. does not look very strong after the morning's spike up. Given that this is the fourth consecutive white candle (on the daily chart), URE will be sold on any sign of weakness. broke out of a 3 week long consolidation, this one should have another day or two of running before it gets exhausted. This one has a better chance of leaving the gap unfilled because of past history. Stop @7.40 tagged the 20d before pushing up to new ATH's. Good sign of strength, and plenty of buy the dippers are watching this one. Stop @4.54. - that fade in the late afternoon does not look encouraging. Stop @19.50.

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