Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stocks of Interest for this Week - THI and CRVL

Two ideas for this week....

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Futures are printing red, and the bpcompq is still looking very toppy, so I am very cautious heading into this week. From Alan Farley's site:

"Downside volume overwhelmed the upside on Friday and the SP-500 index advance/decline ratio hit its lowest level since late November. It’s hard to escape the conclusion these numbers mark active institutional distribution."

If there are enough signs of a pending market selloff, I will not hesitate to turf all my existing swing positions, and start buying puts on the big momo leaders if the market really turns south.

First up is CorVel. I got this idea from TradingGoddess. I have no idea what the company does, but its chart sure looks nice. CRVL seems to be one of her favourite stocks, as she actually mentioned several times ever since way back in the beginning of Nov/06. Her blog actually contains a few good ideas that I missed out on (MVIS is another example). I will start cherry-picking some of her stock selections that she blogs about.

I like THI as a play that should do well if the tech stocks start to selloff. I think it has the potential to succeed where KKD failed. Oh, sorry, I'm talking too much fundamentals !

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