Thursday, January 04, 2007

ER2 Won this Battle

No, really, this time I will stop trading ER2.
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Today would have been a great day if I didn't succumb to the temptation of trying to capture a point or two on ER2.
Most of my other trades were working out well.
Caught GSOL @18.13
Caught MA Feb07 110 calls @3
Caught STEM @3.04
Bought some @4.92
Bought ININ @21.25, stopped out @21.16

(Except for ININ, I am holding all of the above overnight; will post charts as soon as I have closed the trades.)
Even made some decent trades with Bracket Trader. I really wished that this was the end of the story, as it would be considered a very successful day by my standards.
Even tried to short NYX on the second break below 93 in the morning, but my broker told me it had no NYX shares available to short.

Alas, my mind wandered and I had to go and check ER2 live, and before I knew it, things just turned south. I caught the above 5 trades from simply following my routine. Why can't I follow the same routine (which I know works for me) in the case of ER2? I'm not sure I know the root cause answer to that. Perhaps it is a combination of things. I suppose the Futures Fever isn't quite completely out of my system just yet. Whatever....
I think I my frustration level with ER2 should be high enough now to will myself to take a break from trading ER2. It has won the battle for this round for now, until my psyche can recover.

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