Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday's Results

I was pretty active in the morning. However, in the afternoon, I was looking around but couldn't find any good setups to trade in the afternoon session (except for maybe BIDU late day, but I was still licking my wounds from my botched BIDU calls).
And, it also looks like with the exception of BIDU, the usual momo stocks (GOOG, AAPL, AKAM, etc.) have all decided to take a rest and go nowhere.
Exited my GOOG calls for a $0.50 loss, AKAM calls were exited also @0.50 loss. Still holding my ATI calls. Actually made money on my BIDU calls, but I know I made some mistakes there.

All in all, I would classify today as a bunch of trading mistakes (GROW, BIDU) swept under the carpet of the very profitable Wi-Lan trade. It wasn't until when I made that second trade in Wi-Lan did I realize that I should be trading the chart. I'm not even sure how/why I got into the habit of watching the ticker and not the chart. Bleechh......

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