Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Review of SnagIt

I have been using TechSmith's free trial version of SnagIt for the past 30 days. Since the free trial is ending tomorrow, I need to decide whether it is worth for me to shell out $40USD to buy this product.

What is SnagIt? Well, when you strip away all its bells and whistles, it is basically the "PrntScrn" key and MS Paint wrapped into a 3rd Party Windows Application.
When I first posted charts to this blog, I was using MS Paint and "PrntScreen" key. However, MS Paint is not the best program to use to annotate charts. It is cumbersome and inconvenient to annotate charts with MS Paint, even StockChart's chart annotation tool does a much better job. Of course, I can't fault Bill Gates for this, since MS Paint is very generic by design in order to accomodate the wide range of end uses.

I first came across SnagIt from WilyTrader. Then I tried searching CNET for any image editors that was comparable to SnagIt. There were literally hundreds to choose from, and the thought of downloading and installing 50 or 60 image editors just to compare them to SnagIt was not a very appealing idea for me.
I'm currently using SnagIt for the ScreenCapture, and the image editing. If I were posting mostly daily charts, I would be able to get by with using StockCharts' annotation tool. However, StockCharts does not provide intraday charts for free. And since I often post intraday charts, and I'm not yet ready to pay $20 or $30/month for StockCharts's premium services, I am drawn back to the same viable option - SnagIt.
I recently discovered that SnagIt also has a FF2.0 extension, so that is probably the deciding factor - I will be shelling out $40 for a copy of SnagIt.


Caravaggio said...

Hey Phileo, I know it isn't as functional as SnapIt but I use MWSnap 3, which is free. You can print selections of screens, grab charts etc and resize them accordingly. Its very fast and the programme is tiny. If you haven't looked at this already, this is the link :

hope this helps

Phileo said...

Hi Caravaggio,
Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!
I had a brief look at MWSnap3, and it looks decent as a screen capture utility. However, I am in need of a replacement for MS Paint as well, since I am finding MS Paint to be too cumbersome to use efficiently.

Caravaggio said...

The pleasure is mine Phileo. Your blog is an enjoyable read.

I also have added a comment to your earlier post re trading weaknesses and patience.