Thursday, November 02, 2006

Today's Bounce Plays

Taking a page out of Dan Fitzpatrick's insightful article on the bounce play, I made a couple of them myself today.
First bounce play was IAAC: With IAAC, I noted the sound of the toilet flush with that opening drop. Then I noticed that the stock immediately jumped back up above 26. When that happened, I tried a lowball bid of 25.82 (that was the bid before it ran above 26.2). I took a pee break and came back to find that my lowball bid had been filled !
This leads me to re-iterate Dan's Bounce Play rule#2: Buy as close as possible to the most recent low of the current uptrend.
Bounce Play Checklist:
IAAC's uptrend: intact
IAAC's most recent low in the uptrend: Oct23@25.5.
Profit taking: ended after the opening flush.

Next bounce play was GROW:
Bounce Play Checklist:
GROW's uptrend: Doubtful, hence my plan to bail at the first sign of trouble. However, note that GROW formed a nice hammer today.
GROW's most recent low in the uptrend: Oct23@28.5.
Profit taking: also ended after the opening flush, steady buying volume thereafter.

Finally, I daytraded some BIDU call options again:
With BIDU, I did get a bit worried when it came back down to test the 85 level after I had bought the calls. I was ready to hit the sell button, but lucky for me, BIDU never broke below 84 after I bought it (around 7:08AM PST). However, once it stalled @87.15, there was no longer any reason to continue holding it, but I made the mistake of holding it to the end of the day.

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