Friday, November 10, 2006

MicroCap swing trades

I mentioned previously at MCM's blog that I would make a post on a trade that I made based on one of his recommendations. . My apologies for the delay, but here it is. First one is BreakWater Resources (TSXV:BWR):I no longer have a position in Breakwater, but I am currently monitoring BWR to see how it behaves between 1.85 and 1.90.
Next trade is Roca Mines (TSXV: ROK), and the idea for this also came from MCM's blog:

I heard about ROK before, but didn't really understand their story until now. As with all microcaps, volatility is the norm, and these guys can swing more wildly than anything else I know. Although I agree that this one has some room to run, I will be watching the price and volume the key levels: 1.44, and 1.26. Even though I mentioned that my initial stop is at 1.44, if it does ever drop down to that level, it will still be a case by case basis as to whether I dump. I will be monitoring the price and volume behaviour very closely for sure should that happen.


Micro-Cap Mayhem said...

Hey Phileo, sorry about the delay in replying to your comments, I have been really busy. As for the moly spot price, I have posted a link on the right side-bar of my web-site for moly and uranium spot-prices.
Im glad to see that you are enjoying my picks and I thank-you for referencing me on your blog. I have provided a link on my blog leading to your blog.



Phileo said...


I've always been interested in MicroCaps as well, so we have something in common! No problem about the delay and thanks for posting the link to moly spot prices.
And really, you should be thanking your colleague, JC. If he didn't mention your blog, I would never have found out about your specialty !
Thanks for dropping by to visit!