Sunday, October 08, 2006


Uranium is the biggest bull market that is still not known to the retail and even many institutional investors. The upward movement in spot uranium price in the past 2 years rivals that of a certain bulletin board stock. Unfortunately, there is currently no American security available for investors to participate in the uranium bull run. However, there is a Canadian uranium ETF available which operates in a manner similar to the other commodity ETF's like IAU, SLV, and USO. This Canadian ETF is call Uranium participation, and it trades on the TSX exchange (ticker is TSX:U). Interestingly enough, unlike the other commodity ETF's, U does not yet track the spot price of uranium. This could be due to the fact that it trades only in the Canadian market, and the ETF is priced in Canadian dollars, which means there will be Forex fluctuations. Given the continued bullish outlook in uranium, I will be looking to add to my position in U for my retirement account this coming week.

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